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We are still accepting some in-country applications for any sudden openings we may have, but our main focus this fall will be on overseas recruiting for April 2019.

Overseas, we are very happy to add 6 NEW locations for interviews - Brisbane, Melbourne, San Francisco, Austin, Cincinnati and NYC - on top of our previous locations in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Charlotte, Tampa and London.  And here in Japan, we interview at our offices in Nagoya and Osaka as well as other main cities from Sapporo to Tokyo to Fukuoka.

For information about upcoming positions and the prefectures we operate in, click here!

ALTIA CENTRAL believes that ALTs have a lot to offer to English education in Japan, and more importantly to the development of all Japanese school children. We are looking for positive, friendly and enthusiastic people who are committed to living and working in Japan.

An Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) position with ALTIA CENTRAL can provide you with interesting experiences, rewarding challenges and culture exchange opportunities. ALTs work right in the public schools, alongside Japanese teachers, and interact with students and the overall school community in the classroom, the staffroom and on the playground. Being an ALTIA CENTRAL ALT is more than just teaching English, it's a commitment to the development of the young learners you engage with every day.

You can start by watching a short video outlining the overall ALTIA CENTRAL recruiting process.

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And once you are an ALTIA CENTRAL ALT, the commitment you have to the young learners of Japan is further enhanced by our commitment to you.  ALTIA CENTRAL offers the best and most comprehensive English teaching resources in Japan and the highest quality training and follow-up training seminars.  And our very talented and experienced supervisors who have been in teaching in Japan themselves for many many years, keep in very close contact and communication with their ALTs, visiting lessons in schools regularly to offer personal support, advice and ongoing training.  

The level of professionalism, openness, honesty, and caring we feel is unmatched in this industry and together with the quality of our resources, training and support are clear strengths of ALTIA CENTRAL.  Welcome to our Recruiting Webpage.