Today’s Impression - Tomorrow’s Dream


Japanese public schools use a variety of texts for elementary school and junior high school. Our flashcards, designed specifically for ALTIA CENTRAL with Japanese learners in mind, not only provide a fun and focused visual element to the process of learning new vocabulary, but are also specifically tailored to match the textbooks used in our clients' schools. In addition to this, themed sets based around holidays, sports, hobbies, international culture and more ensure our ALTs always have quality material on hand for the right occasion

Elementary School

Junior high School


One principal goal of having a native English speaker in the classroom is to give students a practical, real-world situation in which to place their new vocabulary and grammar points. Our storyboards from EKI allow ALTIA CENTRAL ALTs to introduce language in a meaningful way and provide much-needed context through entertaining and amusing skits and stories. The narratives are flexible and adaptable, allowing ALTs and their Japanese team-teachers to bring them to life with their own energy and personalities.