Today’s Impression - Tomorrow’s Dream

Guide, Activities & More

Our guides cover the basics of being an ALT with ALTIA CENTRAL. As you gain experience, you can revisit the guide as a refresher or to gain a deeper understanding. You will find that its relevance increases once you have the practical experience to give you personal examples to reflect upon.

English Boards

Communication Cards

Overview Of Units & Modules For The Year

New ALTs receive sneak peak from our guides of what the academic year may be like for all grades through elementary to junior high school. These insights will help familiarize you with what the academic year has to offer and could help you come up with ideas of how you can be a wonderfully supportive ALT for the teacher's lesson or engaging with students outside of the classroom.

Generic Lesson Plans

This generic lesson planner is designed to be an extension of the materials that ALTIA CENTRAL provides our ALTs. It follows a four lesson per unit flow and gives basic suggestions to help ALTs put together lesson plan easily and quickly. Simply choose a suggested activity from each of the sections listed and combine the plan with the necessary ALTIA CENTRAL materials (Songs, Storyboards, Flashcards, etc) and you will be able to put together easy to prepare and engaging lessons for your students.

Activities & Worksheets

We offer a compilation of suggested activities to use for elementary and junior high school. These guides offer focuses on activities that are flexible and can be used in most lessons.