Today’s Impression - Tomorrow’s Dream
*Due to the current ongoing conditions caused by the coronavirus, we will NOT be conducting face to face interviews this spring in our overseas locations. Instead, we will be temporarily resorting to a web-only system using Google Meet for all overseas interviews until further notice.
  1. We are now interviewing overseas applicants for positions starting in April 2023
  2. Interviews will be conduted through Google Meet online
  3. Please be aware that while mid year positions do come available, due to COE and visa processing times it is unlikely we could consider new applicants for anything sooner than April 2023.

Successful applicants can expect longer than usual processing times for visa applications caused by Japan's strict entry restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

*Due to the current ongoing conditions caused by the coronavirus, we will be using a web-only interview system using Google Meet for in-country applicants until further notice.

  1. Now interviewing for sudden openings in the fall and winter 2022 - 23 school year
  2. Interviews for mid-year and sudden openings - ongoing

We hope to resume face to face interviews with in-country applicants again in the future when it is safe to do so.

Training dates may vary for some. All newly hired ALTs will be told of their specific Orientation/Training event during the hiring process and it will be confirmed by email when they are officially introduced and welcomed.

Main Dates -

  1. Orientation/Training is expected to start on or about March 24th, exact dates coming soon.
  2. More Orientation/Training will be conducted on an as needed basis

Orientation/Training is typically held for 5 days and you will need to plan to arrive in Nagoya on or before the day before your training event. We will have a hotel prepared for you from the night before and throughout the training event.