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Covid Announcments

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The ongoing pandemic has left a massive impact on a global scale and continues to affect us all. In order to assure your safety and the safety of all our applicants and interviewers, ALTIA CENTRAL has adopted a web-only interview system using Google Meet for both in-country and overseas applicants until further notice.

For all overseas applicants, please understand that due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus our ability to bring people over to Japan as planned does remain challenging, especially when visa and entry regulations can change at any time, so please remain diligent and stay aware of any new changes.

As of December 1st, Japan has further enhanced the entry restrictions as a cautionary move in response to the Omicron variant of Covid-19. These measures halt all new visa applications and prevent anyone from entering Japan except for current residents and Japanese Nationals. The new restrictions are in place until the end of December, when the government will re-evaluate the situation at that time and decide to end or extend them.


As of January 11th, 2022, Japan has announced an extension of the border restrictions until the end of February. This decision was made as a cautionary measure due to the rise in cases from the Omicron variant in Japan.

At this time, we are cautiously optimistic that we will still be able to bring people from overseas in March. This is based on several factors that we have seen regarding the Omicron variant as well as information given from the Japanese government:

Based on this information, we are hopeful that they will not extend the border restrictions beyond the end of February. For COE holders, this will mean that timing will be a little tight when applying for your visa, but we are still on track. We ask that everyone review visa application procedures with your local consulate, as well as the information from us so that you can apply as soon as you are able.

The government has once again, and rather unexpectedly, extended the validity of COEs.

Please be aware of the date your COE was issued and contact us if there is an issue.

So, as of this update on January 11th 2022, we are still moving forward as we focus on the new school year and are currently focused solely on in-country applicants for new interviews. If the border restrictions are extended beyond February and we are unable to bring anyone here on time from overseas, we will of course be forced to fill as many positions as we can with in-country applicants.

We will continue to work with all our overseas candidates that have completed the interview process, but depending on how conditions change from here, positions may ultimately be limited to sudden, unexpected openings or last-minute contracts in some cases. This means that it’s possible it could take a bit more time before we can bring you here, but we will continue to work with you and do what we can for the foreseeable future.

If you are overseas and have not yet begun your interview process with us, it will not be possible to get you here in March 2022 due to COE processing times, restrictions, quarantine and so on, and therefore we will not be able to consider your overseas application at this time.

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