Why Be An ALT?


The responsibilities of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) are more than just merely helping teach English and promoting international understanding. ALTs are directly involved in the development of children. We feel providing a positive impression of English and foreign cultures today is just as important as developing the student's English language ability. This will hopefully inspire children to gain the desire to develop their dreams of tomorrow.  Our strong belief in this is reflected in ALTIA CENTRAL's motto, 'Today's Impression, Tomorrow's Dream.'

Though the classroom and your time in school is always the main focus, it is not only inside the school that ALTs make an impact. The ALT experience also offers the opportunity of becoming a part of the local community. By participating in town festivals, activities, events and the like, the ALT can also provide a good impression of foreigners and foreign culture to all Japanese citizens.

Through being involved with these types of experiences, learning more about Japan, its language, culture, people and receiving 'Thank You' cards from students, the ALT can also be assured a positive impression of Japan and a great experience that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Read a few excerpts below to see what some other ALTs have to say about it.

Fun and Supportive

"...Being an ALT with ALTIA was truly an experience I will always treasure. The company and other ALTs were really helpful and supportive and my schools were always lots of fun. I taught all grades from 1st year elementary to 3rd year junior high and though it was a little confusing at the start, I got to meet literally hundreds and hundreds of nice kids..."

Making New Friends

"...Japan has been great for me! I came here not knowing anything about the customs or the culture and was a little nervous at first. But having the chance to immerse myself in the junior high schools is something I will never forget. Both the teachers and the students were so kind to me and made me feel very welcome. I also got to make many friends in the after school clubs as well. And I got to try kendo and judo for the first time in my life!"


"...My junior high school was wonderful! When I first started there I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect. But the kids were so nice to me, always smiling and greeting me when I saw them. True, their English level wasn't all that great but they welcomed me into their school and made me a part of their daily lives." 

Interacting with Students

"...The elementary schools were my favorite! I've never had so many kids smiling, laughing, and calling out my name before. They were always so excited when I came to their classroom and so eager to try a few new words of English. I always tried to play games or sports with them during recess like dodgeball, baseketball, or just plain tag."

Positive Influence

"...We all have days when carefully prepared games fall flat. We all have days when it probably would have been better to stay in bed. On those days, I look at some of the Thank You cards that I have accumulated from various students and classes after three years of teaching.  They remind me that even when I don't think I'm offering anything to these kids, I really am.  It's an amazing feeling to have even the most shy student in your class press a handmade thank you card into your hands and inside they have written, 'I will never forget you,' 'I want to go abroad now,' or 'Your class makes me happy.'  These cards remind me of the real reason I got up this morning - the kids."