The Job of an ALT

Want to know more about what being an ALTIA CENTRAL Assistant Language Teacher entails? It’s a unique and fun position which gets you right into the heart of the Japanese education system and offers both once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a chance to positively effect hundreds of young Japanese learners.  Please watch the following video to hear from some of our current and former ALTs about their experiences living and working in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher with ALTIA CENTRAL, or scroll down to read a more thorough description of the position, its responsibilities, and its benefits.

Job Description

The position you are considering applying for is a full-time Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) position in public junior high schools, elementary schools and even kindergartens in certain areas. Also, in a few of the more rural areas which may not have local English conversation schools, the opportunity to teach community classes, usually for adults, in these areas is also possible.

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Why be an ALT?

The responsibilities of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Japan with ALTIA CENTRAL are more than just merely teaching International Understanding and English. ALTs are directly involved in the development of children. Providing a positive impression of English and foreign cultures today is just as important as developing the students English language ability. This will hopefully inspire children to gain the desire to develop their dreams of tomorrow.  Our strong belief in this is reflected in ALTIA CENTRAL's motto, 'Today's Impression, Tomorrow's Dream.'

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The Benefits

One of the best benefits of being an ALT with ALTIA CENTRAL is the fully paid and lengthy summer and winter breaks, an increasingly rare benefit with other employers in this industry. The long periods of time when the ALT is not required to be in school, especially in summer and again over the winter break, helps to rejuvenate the ALT so they can continue to provide high quality classes on a consistent basis. Sundays, National Holidays and all but a few Saturdays are also given off in accordance with the Board of Education's yearly schedule.

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