The Interview Itself

In the past, there were several different ways in which ALTIA CENTRAL conducted interviews.  Typically, we insisted on in-person interviews and would travel to several major cities both in country and overseas to meet applicants face-to-face.  Not surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic has since caused us to shift to a Skype-only system for your safety and ours.  

All interviews are now done by Skype and take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour or more to complete.  While we do not currently allow in-person interviews or phone interviews, we do hope to resume in-person interviews in the future.  We try to make our interviews comfortable and friendly, but of course we do ask that you dress and act as professionally as the situation requires. This means business attire if at all possible, being on time and of course being organized and prepared.  We will organize and confirm your interview date and time via email.  During the interview process, you may be asked for a follow up interview, and possibly to speak Japanese for a few minutes with one of our Japanese staff members as well.