The Interview Itself

There are several different ways which ALTIA CENTRAL conducts interviews.  All interviews are done in person and take at least 1 hour and possibly 90 minutes or more to complete.  We do not allow phone or online interviews at all I'm afraid.  We try to make our interviews comfortable and friendly, but of course we do ask that you dress and act as professionally as the situation requires.  This means business attire if at all possible, being on time and of course being organized and prepared.  We will ask you to bring some documentation and reference contact information as well as a lesson plan on a certain topic which we will let you know about after we can both confirm the date and time of the interview.  And we may ask you to speak Japanese for a few minutes with one of our Japanese staff members as well.

Our Nagoya Head Office

Generally, we ask the applicant to come to either our head offices in Nagoya or our Kansai office in Osaka for a full 90-minute in-person interview.  We usually only conduct interviews during the week, but during our busiest recruiting seasons will have weekend dates available as well.  This is very convenient for us of course, but also gives you the applicant a chance to see our head office, interact with several of our employees and get a feel for the kind of company we are.  This is the best environment we feel to meet you in a relaxed atmosphere (over a nice, cold, refreshing glass of water.)

Various Cities Around Japan

If you are not located anywhere near the Nagoya area, we may be able to come out to you for a weekend interview. These off-site interviews are usually conducted in a coffee shop in an upscale hotel near a main station in the center of a large city, such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Okayama or Hiroshima. This, too, is relaxing and comfortable and the main difference is only that you get an expensive cup of coffee or tea on us, rather than just a cheap glass of water! For the sake of efficiency, we tend to conduct multiple interviews over the course of the day so Saturdays and Sundays are the most likely time for this kind of interview.  We generally arrange recruiting tours to the various cities we interview in and can meet up to 4 or 5 people per day in each city.  These tours are usually done during the January to March busy season, and again possibly during July and August.

Overseas Interviews

Though most interviews are done with our Recruiting Manager, both here in Japan and abroad, ALTIA CENTRAL does have several interviewers based overseas as well. These trusted interviewers, often former ALTIA CENTRAL ALTs themselves, conduct screening interviews for international applicants in cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, Tampa and London, England as well.  After successfully completing this kind of in-person interview, we will arrange a follow up skype interview with you and our Recruiting Manager as explained below.

Online Follow Up

The other kind of interview we conduct is a follow-up interview online. This is only for overseas recruits who have already successfully interviewed with one of our screening interviewers.  These follow up interviews take roughly 60 minutes, but unfortunately you don’t end up getting a free coffee or glass or water.  A Skype only interview is not something we do except in the most unique and special circumstances, so please don’t assume that if you are far away and unable to meet in any of our preferred locations  that we will be able to grant you an online interview. 

Regardless of the place, what we can promise is a professional yet relaxed interview more like an interesting discussion or chat amongst professional colleagues.  We want to know who you are, what you are all about, and most importantly whether we feel we can have you join our company, our family.  When all is said and done, we are looking for people good enough to teach our own children, and you are looking for a company which you feel comfortable working for.  Hopefully the interview will be successful for both parties.