Once you have applied to ALTIA CENTRAL with the necessary documentation (most importantly a cover letter, resume and recent photo) and we have initially screened your application, our Recruiting Department will be in touch with you by email. From there we will guide you through a secondary screening with some general questions about where you may like to work, what level of students you wish to teach, what your spoken Japanese is like, and few other basics to get a better idea of how feasible and beneficial an interview might be for both of us.  And, assuming that all goes well, we can begin to narrow down some suitable dates and times for your interview.

Once your interview details have been decided, we will send you a final confirmation email including information on how to confirm your Skype details and to provide you with our contact information for the interview.  Kindly reply to that email to re-confirm you have received and understand everything, and you’ll be all set for your interview!

We look forward to speaking with you soon!