Once you have applied to ALTIA CENTRAL with the necessary documentation (most importantly a cover letter, resume and recent photo) our Recruiting Department will be in touch with you, most likely by email and possibly by phone.  We will ask you some broad general questions about where you may like to work, what level of students you wish to teach, and what your spoken Japanese is like and few other basics just to get an idea of whether some of our positions might be a suitable match.

After several back and forth communications between you and our Recruiting Manager, and once we both have decided that an interview is feasible and beneficial for both of us, we can begin to arrange dates and times and determine the most suitable location for us to meet.  We conduct most of our interviews here in Nagoya but we do interview in a wide range of other locations as well. Once these basic details have been decided, we will send you a final confirmation email and let you know some more specifics information such as how to get to the interview location, our contact numbers to call us when you arrive or if you will be late, what documents and materials to bring, and what kind of lesson plan we would like you to prepare.  Kindly reply to that email to re-confirm you have received and understand everything and we are all set. 

See you at the interview!