After your initial interview, we may send you an email requesting a little more documentation as well as to provide you with forms and instructions on how to prepare a Demo Lesson Video for us. And from there, we’ll ask to arrange a 2nd interview where you will also speak with our Japanese colleagues for a few minutes, and complete a reference check for you as well.

Keeping in Touch

You've just finished your interview with ALTIA CENTRAL, now what happens?

Bearing in mind that it can be some time from interview to start date, we try to keep in touch with you on a monthly basis with the Recruit Newsletter updates located on our website, which gives you an idea of what is happening at ALTIA CENTRAL. These newsletters will come out periodically every month or so and will contain a plethora of information on the ALT job, the overall recruiting process, as well as more in-depth insights into our company and our policies.

For successful applicants, there will also be numerous emails between yourself and the Recruiting Department in order to hash out all the details and find a suitable position for you. We kindly ask that you be as patient as possible with us, as the 6 to 8 weeks before the main starting dates (ie. mid Feb to end of March and again in July/August especially) can be very hectic for us. But rest assured, we will do everything we can to keep in contact with you as much as possible and welcome any questions you may have.


After successfully completing all the steps and stages our interview process, the Recruiting Manager will hopefully be able to officially approve your application.  It’s a fairly rigorous process, but getting to this point means of course that we believe you have what it takes to work as an ALT with ALTIA CENTRAL and we are eager to try to find a spot for you with us.  

Approval though does not guarantee being hired, as there are still some other hurdles to clear first.  We’ll have to find out how many and which of our current ALTs are leaving, we’ll have to earn or re-earn the various contracts with the Boards of Education (BOEs) to ensure we actually have positions to fill, and we have to list up all of our approved applicants and make sure we have enough suitable spots for everyone.  Approval is a massive step forward, and the majority of people who make it this far do ultimately end up with jobs with us, but it’s not quite a guarantee or a set position just yet.

The Official Offer

After interviews are completed, we review all resumes, confirm position openings, make final lists and contact references. We will send out Official Offer emails to all successful candidates as early as possible, but of course, this will be the culmination of several weeks of back-and-forth communications between you and us to check and confirm all preferences, needs, specific details etc.

Once you get an Official Offer, the choice will be up to you to accept it or turn it down. The offer will detail all the conditions of the position and you will of course have a chance to ask any questions or confirm any details at this stage. Once you accept the offer and your placement is finalized, you will be officially introduced and will begin to hear from our Training Department regarding the initial Orientation/Training dates and venues as well as pre-O/T online training. You will also hear from your new Supervisor and our Admin division to introduce themselves and start discussing things like documentation etc. within a few days of your acceptance. We try to keep the process as personal as possible to make you feel welcome and ensure that are as comfortable as possible with your decision to work with our company.

Overseas Recruits

For applicants who have interviewed overseas, there is quite a gap between the interview and the actual placement. Interviews are generally in October, November and December for April start positions, and in May & June for September starting positions. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and visa application process takes some time, so unfortunately there is also a lot of waiting. A couple months before your pending arrival, we will be finding out the intentions of our current ALTs and securing Board of Education (BOE) contracts in various areas.

For many overseas applicants, we are extremely confident that we would like to hire you and try to express that to you as soon as possible. We may not be able to narrow down your exact placement just yet, but we will be able to let you know that there will be a suitable position for you somewhere. For others, we may not be 100% sure just yet, but we will certainly try to keep in touch with you in that final couple of months and keep you informed about all the possibilities. If we think we will have a position for you then we will certainly be as open and honest about it as possible.

For others still, it may be the case that we agree to put you on standby for possible openings and sudden new openings that come up. Though the main hiring seasons are leading up to April and September, we do hire throughout the year so this further highlights the need for flexibility as this really does help us to place you in a position with us. Regardless of whether we can guarantee you a suitable position right away or ask you to be a bit more patient and flexible while we wait to confirm your position, what we can and will do is communicate with you throughout the process as much as possible. Our Recruiting Department will always answer emails in a timely, friendly and informative manner, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.