How to Apply

There are several ways to apply for an ALT position with ALTIA CENTRAL. You can either email your documentation directly to the ALTIA CENTRAL Recruiting Department at this address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can submit an online application to a specific job advertisement through our ads on either Jobs in Japan or GaijinPot. These are definitely our preferred methods but occasionally we receive an application through the post as well.
*Special Note to those using a yahoo email address - Please be advised that currently we are UNABLE to send emails to anyone using a yahoo email.  If you send us an email from a yahoo account, we will likely not be able to reply.

What to Include

To apply for an ALT position with ALTIA CENTRAL, please forward the following documentation to the ALTIA CENTRAL Recruiting Department. If all your documentation is in order and we are interested in considering you for an interview, our Recruiting Manager will get back with you. Please understand that we do receive hundreds and hundreds of applications each recruiting season, so for starters, in order to be considered for an interview, all required documentation must be submitted as requested. Furthermore, only applicants considered for interviews will be contacted. The following is a list of the required documentation:

  • A Cover/Personal Introduction Letter

  • An Updated Resume or C.V.

  • A Recent Photo

  • 1 or 2 Reference/Recommendation Letters

  • And, for overseas applicants, please include a short essay on why you want to live and teach in Japan and what you feel the responsibilities of an ALT would be.

When to Apply

There are two main starting dates for our ALT positions - April and September. April is by far the biggest intake of new recruits, as this is when the Japanese school year begins. September, the beginning of the 2nd semester, is also a common starting time and our second biggest recruiting season.  ALTIA CENTRAL also hires 1 or 2 new ALTs during other months throughout the year, but generally these are relatively rare situations when we need to suddenly replace an ALT who has had to unfortunately leave their contract mid-year for some reason.
ALTIA CENTRAL's recruiting efforts are ongoing throughout the year however, and you can apply to be considered for an ALT position with ALTIA CENTRAL almost anytime, but we prefer applicants apply and interview within about 2 or 3 months before their potential starting date. For overseas applicants however, this process needs to start a bit earlier so we would recommend applying and getting started 4 or 5 months before.
Our yearly recruiting calendar looks something like this:
    January to March - In-country interviews for April starting positions
    May & June - Overseas interviews for September starts
    June to August - In-country interviews for September starts
    October to December - Overseas interviews for April starts

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!