The Application Process

How exactly does one apply to be an ALT with ALTIA CENTRAL?  Well, the application process is not all that complex.  You can start by watching this short video outlining the basic requirements, how and when to apply, and our overall interview process.

Key Qualifications and What We Look For:

  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor's degree (or higher)
  • Engaging, enthusiastic, and motivated to go the extra mile to provide a positive communicative experience for students
  • Flexible, culturally sensitive, and eager to live in Japan for a minimum of one year
  • Previous teaching experience ranging from ALT to ESL tutoring within Japan or in other countries
  • Must have at least a basic level of Japanese with a conversational level being strongly preferred
  • Previous time spent studying or working in Japan is preferred
  • As many ALT positions do require driving, applicants who can or would be able to drive in Japan on either a Japanese license or International Driving Permit are preferred

How to Apply


The Interview Itself 

Post Interview