The Application Process

How exactly does one apply to be an ALT with ALTIA CENTRAL?  Well, the application process is not all that complex.  You can start by watching this short video outlining the basic requirements, how and when to apply, and our overall interview process.

What We Require:

  • Native English speaker
  • Full Bachelors Degree in any field
  • Basic Japanese ability (at the very least, but conversational Japanese is better)
  • Flexible, positive, outgoing personality
  • Strong desire to live and work in Japan

What We Prefer:

  • ESL teaching experience, preferably in Japan
  • Experience in teaching, tutoring or working with children
  • Background in Asian Studies, Applied Linguistics, volunteer work or other relevant fields
Whilst we don't believe that one MUST have prior teaching experience and strong Japanese to be a great ALT, it most certainly is preferred both by us a company and our clients, the Boards of Education and schools.  They are looking for a fantastic ALT, above average in all aspects, and expect that ALTIA CENTRAL ALTs will have at the very least a basic knowledge of Japanese language and culture and prefer that they know their way around a classroom. Full-time ESL/EFL teaching experience is a big plus, but at the very least applicants should pursue certification in TESL/TESOL or some other suitable course and are encouraged to seek relevant part-time work experience such as ESL tutoring, language camp counselor work, or language exchanges etc.  Combinations of the above will help significantly in being able to hire and place candidates.


How to Apply


The Interview Itself 

Post Interview