Important Dates

Below are some important dates on our upcoming Recruiting and Training calendars. 

From mid December through late March, and again from June through to August, we are fully focused on recruiting within Japan with multiple weekend interview dates in select cities including Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and of course here at our head office in Nagoya and our Kansai office in Osaka. 

In May and June, and again in October and November, we hold interviews for overseas applicants in cities such as London, Brisbane, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Charlotte, Tampa and Austin.

Nagoya and Osaka - Most Weekdays from September 1st onward (and several weekends as well)

  • We will be holding weekday interviews most days in our head offices in Nagoya and our Kansai offices in Osaka.
  • These interviews are for all the areas we currently operate in

In-Country Interviews - Most Weekends from Mid-December onward

  1. Tokyo - February 7th, 8th & 9th

  2. Nagoya - January 25th & 26th, February 15th & 16th

  3. Hiroshima - January 25th, February 22nd & 23rd

  4. Okayama - January 26th, February 22nd &23rd

  5. Shizuoka - February 22nd & 23rd

  6. Osaka - February 1st

  7. Sendai - February 1st & 2nd

  8. Fukuoka - February 15th & 16th

  9. Sapporo -  No further dates at this time

  • We will be holding weekend interviews in select cities across Japan most weekends from December through the end of March.
  • These interviews are for April 2020 starting positions in all the areas we currently operate in.
  • More dates to come.

Overseas Interviews - Overseas interviews will resume in May and June

  1. Cincinnati - To Be Announced (TBA)

  2. Seattle - TBA

  3. Charlotte - TBA

  4. Tampa - TBA

  5. Los Angeles - TBA

  6. Chicago - TBA

  7. Austin - TBA

  8. New York - TBA

  9. London, England - TBA

  10. Brisbane, Australia - TBA

  11. Melbourne, Australia - TBA

  12. Denver and Portland - TBA

  • We will be holding weekend interviews in select cities in the US, Australia, and the UK from May through the end of June.