Living in Gifu City
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 02:56

We are currently looking to fill a large number of positions in Gifu city.  So just wanted to let everyone know what a nice place I think Gifu really is. 

I have lived there myself for the last 17 or 18 years, bought a house there, and raised my 3 sons there.  All 3 of them have gone to or are going to kindergarten, public Elementary and Junior High schools, and now Senior High schools here in Gifu city.   

We’ve enjoyed barbecuing by the rivers, hiking up to Gifu castle on the top of Mt. Kinka, and watching the cormorant fishing in the Nagara river which flows right through the heart of the city.

We’ve participated in the Nobunaga matsuri and took in the incredible, hours-long fireworks displays in mid summer on numerous occasions. 

And we’ve gone on road trips and driven an hour or less to reach places such as Biwa lake to fish, Gujo to ski and snowboard, Nagoya to shop or visit museums or aquariums, and Kyoto to enjoy the sights and culture. 

Gifu is a really nice place to live and work and a great central location to access many other local areas.  You might not stay as long as I have, but I would recommend it to anyone as a good place to live.