Currently Available Positions (by Prefecture)

While there are no currently available positions, things can change at any time so we are always accepting applications from those residing here in Japan and would be happy to consider your application.  We will begin focusing on our overseas recruiting process in October and November as we prepare for our next largest intake in March 2022.

The past year was certainly challenging in so many ways for all of us, ALTIA CENTRAL saw a handful of new positions open up after gaining several NEW contracts in places such as Maniwa City and Misaki Town in Okayama, Kaizuka City in Osaka, Hino Town in Shiga, and Kami Town in Hyogo. We also re-earned many big existing contracts in places such as Toyota City and Kariya City in Aichi, Gotemba City in Shizuoka, Yao City in Osaka, Kasaoka City in Okayama, and Inabe City in Mie, among others. We have interviewed record numbers of in-country and overseas applicants this past year and aim to match that again as we look toward 2022.  While we are still focused on filling any random openings that may come up in the fall and winter months, our main focus from this October will be to prepare for our next massive intake of new ALTs with the start of the school year in April 2022.

We typically hold in-person, face-to-face interviews in locations across Japan as well as in several locations overseas. However, due to the current pandemic we will be utilizing a web-only only system using Google Meet until further notice.

When conditions improve and we can hopefully resume face-to-face interviews, we will once again conduct interviews in our Nagoya and Osaka offices as well as visit many major cities in Japan from Sapporo to Sendai to Tokyo, and from Okayama to Hiroshima to Fukuoka to interview local applicants on weekends during our busier recruiting periods leading up to April and September each year. Overseas recruiting remains an integral part of our hiring and we have 12 locations now in the US, the UK and Australia to meet applicants in person again when it is safe to do so.

Also, we have added videos to this site introducing some of the prefectures where our ALTs work, so please be sure to visit the details page for each prefecture to view them. We have also added a new video to "The Job" section that highlights some of our previous ALTs' experiences working in the public schools, so be sure to check it out for more information on what it’s like to work with us.

Many ALTs come to us with various backgrounds - some are currently in Japan, others are overseas, some work as an ALT or have other English teaching experience either in Japan or elsewhere, and some are fresh out of university.   If you interested in continuing your ALT career with a new company, are looking to try a different kind of teaching, are recently graduated and looking to use your Japanese skills for the first time, or hoping to make your return to Japan then we want to hear from you.  Regardless of your situation, with ALTIA CENTRAL's superb training, resources and support, we can definitely set you up for success as an ALT in the Japanese school system.

Available Positions Aichi Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Gifu Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Mie Prefecture Nagano Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Shiga Prefecture Fukui Prefecture

Aichi (愛知県)

Shizuoka (静岡県)

Gifu (岐阜県)

Hiroshima (広島県)

Hyogo (兵庫県)

Osaka (大阪府)

Mie (三重県)

Nagano (長野県)

Okayama (岡山県)

Shiga (滋賀県)

Fukui (福井県)