Currently Available Positions (by Prefecture)

A very busy final few weeks here at ALTIA CENTRAL Recruiting. We have placed close to 100 new recruits at this time and have just a few openings left to fill.  

We still have some availability in places such as Kaizuka City in Osaka, Gifu City in Gifu, Seto City in Aichi - all from April - and here in Nagoya City from May of this year.  If you are here in Japan and looking for a position still, and available for an almost immediate start, now is the time to apply.

Whether you are currently in Japan or located overseas, working as an ALT or teaching English in Japan or elsewhere, recently graduated and looking to use your Japanese skills for the first time or hoping to make your return to Japan, with ALTIA CENTRAL's superb training, resources and support, we can definitely help you become a successful ALT in the Japanese school system.

Also, we have recently added videos to this site introducing some of the prefectures where our ALTs work, so please be sure to visit the details page for each prefecture to view them.

Available Positions Aichi Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Gifu Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Mie Prefecture Nagano Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Shiga Prefecture Fukui Prefecture

Aichi (愛知県)

Shizuoka (静岡県)

Gifu (岐阜県)

Hiroshima (広島県)

Osaka (大阪府)

Mie (三重県)

Nagano (長野県)

Okayama (岡山県)

Shiga (滋賀県)

Fukui (福井県)