We believe that ALTs can do so much more if they have the right tools to do the job. ALTIA CENTRAL provides our ALTs with a great tool kit of resources, created specifically for their needs. This, in combination with the training they receive, means they can be confident that they are going into their schools with activities and materials that really do work and the skills to use them successfully.

Former JETs, experienced eikaiwa teachers, and ALTs joining us from other companies continually share with us how much more successful their early teaching experiences would have been if they'd had access to such a comprehensive resource library. We understand that it can be challenging to build high-quality lessons and activities on a daily basis, and ALTIA CENTRAL resources, paired with our hands-on training program, can shorten the learning curve, enabling you to become more effective and confident more quickly.

Take a closer look at just a few of the literally thousands of unique resources we provide!


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