About Us


ALTIA CENTRAL, simply, is a company that cares.  We care about the ALT and his/her experience in Japan.  We care about the Japanese teachers and how they can successfully work with the ALT.  We care about the BOEs and providing for their needs.  And most importantly we care about the students and ensuring as best we can that they enjoy having a wonderful, positive, outgoing and giving ALT at their school.  
In order to help supply this, we offer the best and most comprehensive ALT resources in the industry, along with the highest quality training and follow up training seminars. We support the ALT with very talented and experienced supervisors, all of whom have previously worked and excelled with us as ALTs themselves.  The supervisors keep in very close communication with their ALTs and actually make regular visits to their schools to offer continued support, advice and ongoing training.  We strongly feel the level of professionalism, openness, honesty, and caring is unmatched in this industry and together with the quality of our resources and training are the core strengths of ALTIA CENTRAL.


ALTIA CENTRAL's slogan is a simple one - “Today's Impression - Tomorrow's Dream”. This has been translated from the Japanese phrase "Kandou-no-hajimari", a phrase, which seeks to create a feeling that, through a positive impression of English, foreigners and foreign cultures today, people can achieve, through communication and understanding, their dreams of tomorrow. By dealing with our customers, students and employees honestly and showing respect and trust, we hope to positively effect the education and development of the students and meet or exceed our quality and growth goals. 


ALTIA CENTRAL is not in business just to teach English. We are involved with the development of children at all levels. This involves developing the student's confidence and motivation. A responsibility we do not take lightly. The desire to honestly learn about other people's ideas and culture, and also to share knowledge about one's own is the basis for Global Communication. English is a universal tool, which helps to facilitate effective and efficient Global Communication. 
Our aim is to provide the highest quality ALTs, ALT support services, teaching resources, support networks and working conditions. This in turn will provide the best positive experience for the students, the customers and even the ALTs! In our business the end users are the children. At the end of the day, they are the main and most important reason we must try to exceed even our highest expectations.


ALTIA CENTRAL recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.  It originated as a division of another predecessor company providing educational services to private and public institutions. Over the course of a number of years, the ALT Division expanded and grew to a point where it was more feasible to be run independently. It is co-managed by both Japanese and foreign management, each of whom have many years of experience and knowledge in this field and many years of service with ALTIA CENTRAL. In recent years, our company has grown quite rapidly due to our expertise in and commitment to the education of children and today we have some 300 ALTs teaching in over 10 prefectures in central Japan and take part in the development of tens of thousands of children every day.